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wind-solar hybrid solar street light


In the wind-solar Hybrid Solar Street Light system, it consists of four components: fan, Solar Panel, battery, wind-solar hybrid controller. As for how each part should be selected, I will probably introduce it to you:

Scenery complementary controller: A good controller is essential, in order to extend the life of the battery, it must be controlled on its charge and discharge conditions to prevent the battery from overcharging and excessive discharge, if the temperature difference in the area , The qualified controller should have temperature compensation function, and at the same time, it should have both Street Lamp control functions, such as: light control, time control, automatic control load, etc.

Battery: The choice of battery is also very important. The selected battery must meet several conditions:

1. It can store the excess solar energy during the day under the premise of meeting the nighttime lighting. It also needs to be able to store electrical energy that meets the need for continuous rainy weather and nighttime lighting.

2, the battery capacity can not be too small, too small, it can not meet the needs of the night lighting, can not be too large, the capacity is too large, the battery is always in a loss of power state, will affect the life, but also cause waste, so the battery should be with solar energy Match the load.

3, solar panels: solar panel power should be greater than 4 times the load power, the system can run normally, the voltage of the solar panel is higher than the battery voltage by 20~30%, so as to ensure the normal power supply to the battery, the battery capacity must be more than the load The daily consumption is about 6 times higher.

4, the choice of lamps, general low-voltage energy-saving lamps 'low pressure sodium lamp, LED light source is better.

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